• Lamb curry: Chunks of lamb cooked with curry sauce and spices from India
  • Lamb Tikka Masala: Lamb tikka cooked in a creamy room with soft spices and almonds. Sweet.
  • Lamb Korma: Lamb cooked with soft spices and a light touch of coconut milk. Sweet.
  • Lamb Pasanda: Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a delicious sauce of almonds, natural yogurt and white wine
  • Lamb Butter: lamb cooked in almond and butter sauce
  • Lamb Kasmiri: Lamb chunks in creamy almond sauce and dried fruits. Sweet
  • Lamb Mango: Lamb cooked in sweet mango and almond sauce
  • Lamb butter cheese: Lamb prepared in a delicious sauce of almonds, butter and white cheese
  • Lamb dopeaza: Lamb cooked in roasted onion, Indian spices and mild sauce
  • Lamb Karai: Cordeo cooked with onion, red and green pepper and soft sauce
  • Lamb Shag: Lamb cooked with spinach, onion, garlic and hot sauce
  • Lamb Bhuna: Lamb cooked with fresh onion and onion sauce
  • Lamb Relaza: Lamb prepared with fresh onion, ginger, green chili and medium spicy room
  • Lamb Balti: Lamb cooked with tamarind and little spicy Baltic sauce
  • Lamb Rogon josh: Lamb prepared with ginger, garlic, totally, very strong spices and medium spicy room
  • Lamb Jhalfrezi: Lamb pieces cooked with onion, red pepper, green pepper, green chili and medium hot sauce
  • Lamb Dhansak: chorizo ​​cooked with onion, garlic, lentils and special hot sauce
  • Lamb Garlic chili: Cordeo cooked with onion, fresh garlic, green chili and special hot sauce
  • Lamb Madras: Spicy chordae curry from South India with a touch of coconut milk
  • Lamb Vindalo: Pre-cooked cordeo with very spicy sauce and a touch of lime
  • Lamb Fal: string with onion, garlic, ginger, chili, very strong spices and very spicy room

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